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Top management has established, implemented and maintained the HSEQ Policy that is aligned to connecting people, businesses and communities through travel and logistics solutions. This policy supports Olives Expeditions strategic direction “To create and deliver the highest sustainable, friendly and reliable travel experiences and logistics solutions to our clients globally”.

The Policy provides a framework for setting HSEQ objectives at strategic, corporate, operational and individual levels within Olives Expeditions. Top Management at Olives Expeditions Limited strive to comply with its compliance obligations and has gone ahead to establish an integrated management system based on the international standards of ISO 9001 :2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction, protecting the environment, providing a safe and healthy workplace. 



1.Providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health;
2.    Providing a framework for setting HSEQ objectives and targets at all relevant levels;
3.    Protection of the environment and prevention of pollution from its operations;
4.    Eliminating the hazards and reducing HSEQ related risks to acceptable levels;
5.    Fulfilling HSEQ related legal and other applicable requirements;
6.    Encouraging consultation and participation of workers;
7.    Ensuring that the resources needed for the HSEQ management system are available;
8.    Ensuring the integration of the HSEQ management system requirements into the organization’s business processes;
9.    Promoting the use of the PDCA, process based and risk-based thinking approaches;
10.    Continually improving the HSEQ management system;
11.    We prioritize customer satisfaction by understanding and anticipating their needs by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations.
12.    Set measurable objectives and targets to continually improve the quality of services we offer.

This policy is communicated at various work stations to ensure that it is understood and followed by all company employees as well as stakeholders.

This policy which is approved by the MD is reviewed at least annually, as part of the management review program or at a frequency determined by:

  1. The changing needs and expectations of relevant interested parties;

  2. The risks and opportunities that are presented through the risk management process.



Rule 1

I assess and control risks before starting any task.

Rule 2

I only perform activities for which am authorized.


Rule 3

Do not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Rule 4

I do not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Rule 5

I report all incidents.

 Note: Living by these rules is a condition of employment.

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