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Olives Organic Foods

Explore our virtual aisles to discover a bountiful selection of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and more, sourced from trusted farmers who share our commitment to organic farming practices. Whether you are a seasoned advocate for organic living or just beginning your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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For all different dry foods i.e Beans, Peas, Ground nuts and many more in all quantities can be delivered/exported to various regions worldwide. 

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Maize Flour

Maize is a cereal grain that has been a staple food in many cultures around the world for centuries.



All types of rice are available in all quantities raging from Basmati ,Super, Kaiso, super Tanzania and other varieties.



Spaghetti is not only a delicious and satisfying pasta but also a versatile ingredient that can be part of countless recipes. Its popularity lies in its simplicity, ability to complement various sauces, and widespread acceptance in different cultures around the world.

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Kirabo House Rm KH01 Kamuli Road, Kireka

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